Loans for Women

If you are a female entrepreneur or your business benefits women and girls, this loan is for you.


At VIWALA we know that any time is a good time to grow your business. However, along the way you may encounter many challenges. One of the most common is access to money. For this reason, we have designed a loan for women that aims to serve this large and often forgotten sector.

financiamiento mujer empresaria
Source: INEGI 2012
Did you know..?

37% of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product comes from female entrepreneurs.

VIWALA believes in the power of women, so we created a product exclusively for them.

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This is a financing mechanism for women entrepreneurs. But it doesn't stop there, as it is also available for ventures that seek to help girls and women.

Through this loan for women you not only get money, we have also thought about giving you short and long-term benefits. We want to see you grow and accompany you throughout the entire process.
Up to 60% discount of interest for anticipated settlement.
Free financial advice once a month.
Fully online process.
New loan available for request after paying 50% of the initial loan*.
Loans issued to businesses that have not had one before.


  • Fixed payments from MXN 8,333.
    per month.
  • 12 to 36 installments.
  • Loans from MXN 100,000 to MXN 5,000,000.


Must be a women-owned business or benefit women and girls.
Must be a legal entity or natural person conducting business activities.
Must be a Mexican business with at least one year of operations.
Sales registered before the Tax Administration Service above MXN 1,000,000 per year.
Have a website or established social media.
Real estate collateral on loans exceeding MXN $500,000 will be at a 1:1 ratio
Loan score showing no delays or non-payment. It can also be your first loan.

Our process

proceso credito mujeres viwala
Fill in the form
Upload your documents
Credit bureau report, bank account statements and confidential electronic identification code (CIEC). 
Diagnosis of financial situation
VIWALA will analyze the documents in order to make a proposal for your business.
Proposal sent
You will receive a loan proposal from VIWALA.
Sign the contract
Once approved, you will receive your contract.
Get your loan
Receive the funds and make your business grow.

"I have noticed the great ability women have to reinvent ourselves from the deepest of us, to evolve and create businesses with a purpose, capable of helping others."

Cecilia Casals, Mentor at Mujeres Emprendedoras

Apply today and boost your projects

Throughout history, the road to success for women has never been easy or fair. But these are times of change and VIWALA is here to help you achieve your goals.

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