Difference between a personal credit and a business credit

A business credit is designed to help companies that need to grow but lack financial resources, to start their businesses
Karla Gallardo

Whenever the time comes to access credit instruments, it is common to be confused by the sheer amount of information.Keep reading and discover the difference between a personal credit and a business credit.


Personal credit

Personal credits are designed to help a person to cover their particular financial requirements. Therefore, they are ideal if you are looking to buy a car, a house, pay for your education or furnish your home.

The credits received are usually low at first, but as you pay and demonstrate financial strength, you can access increasingly higher personal credit. There are different types of products: credit card, financing (e.g. mortgage) or cash.

It is the ideal mechanism to get more and better things on a personal level. To get this type of credit, you must go through are view of your personal credit history.


Business credit

A business credit is designed to help companies that need to grow, but lack financial resources. They are usually used to expand infrastructure, buy supplies and, overall, finance any need a business may have.

They usually grant larger amounts of money than a personal credit because a company’s expenses are much higher. In addition, assets of the company or its partners are usually left as collateral.

To access this type of credit, it is common for your company to undergo a series of assessments regarding its ability to pay.

If you have doubts between choosing a personal credit and a business credit, ask yourself: will I use this money to improve my life or my business?

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