What is VIWALA?


We are a growth capital financial agent specialized on social and environmental impact. We are part of New Ventures and want to be your ally to help you become an agent of change in favor of gender inclusion and environmental protection in Mexico and Latin America.

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What are the benefits of a VIWALA loan?


• Enjoy one hour of free financial advice per month with our network of experts.

• Save up to 60% of the financial cost for early payment.

• Once you have paid 50% of your loan, you can request a new one.

• You can get a loan of up to MXN 500,000without the need for collateral.

• Develop your credit history before the credit bureau.

What are the eligibility criteria to receive a loan?


• At least one year of operations
• Yearly sales of at least MXN 1,000,000
• Registration before the Tax Administration Service (SAT) as a legal entity or natural person conducting business activities

How does the application process work?


• Request your loan online in 5 minutes. You will need your confidential electronic identification code (CIEC), bank account statements and credit bureau report.

• Receive your proposal.

• We will validate your legal documentation.

• Sign your contract.

• Receive the funds in your bank account.

What is the amount of the loans that VIWALA offers?


Our loans range from MXN 100,000 to MXN 10,000,000.

Can I request a loan of less than MXN 100,000?


At the moment, it is not possible. However, we can channel your case to our New Ventures team, who will offer you acceleration programs tailored to your business, at no cost to you.

How much will I pay for my loan?


Payments are monthly and vary depending on the loan granted. We offer fixed payment schemes starting at MXN 8,333.

What is the payment term?


You can agree a term of 12 to 36 months.

Do I need to post collateral?


In loans greater than MXN 500,000, a real estate property is required as collateral. This can be located in any state of the Mexican Republic. It is not necessary for the property to be in the company’s name, but it must be free from encumbrance and assume the debt obligation.


Can I apply for a personal loan?


At the moment, VIWALA only grants business loans to legal entities or natural persons conducting business activities.

Do you offer group loans?


At the moment, our loan scheme contemplates a single business name or a single loan recipient.

Do you have a broker scheme?


Yes. Intermediary companies receive a commission for each loan placed. For more information and to assess the feasibility of the alliance, send an email to milissa@viwala.com

Is VIWALA registered with the National Commission for Financial Service Consumer Protection (CONDUSEF)?


No. VIWALA is part of New Ventures and is constituted as anInvestment Promotion Company (SAPI), whose legal status is regulated as a commercial company. Additionally, it is subject to different overseeing bodies, such as the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Financial IntelligenceUnit (UIF).

How can I get my report from credit bureau report?


You can get it free of charge and immediately from two valid sources for VIWALA: Buró de Crédito or Círculo deCrédito.
If you have any issues obtaining your report, we are here to support you.

Can I apply for loan if I have a bad loan history?


We analyze each application individually. If there are significant delays before the credit bureau, these should not exceed 30 days.

Can I request a loan if I am just starting my business?


At the moment, VIWALA only grants loans to businesses that have operated for at least one year. However, we can channel your case to our New Ventures team, who will offer you acceleration programs tailored to your business, at no cost to you.

Why do I need to hand over my CIEC to VIWALA?


Your confidential electronic identification code (CIEC) is a means to analyze your cash flow and offer a response the same day. This process is completely secure and your password remains encrypted, so we are not able see it. On the other hand, your data is protected under the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations, as well as our privacy notice, terms and conditions.