Is VIWALA trustworthy?

Within the Mexican financial sector there are options to build a financial company. SAPIs are regulated by commercial law.
Sofía Castillo

Are you considering applying for a credit and foundVIWALA, but do not know if it is a reliable and safe option? Keep reading andget to know us.

What does VIWALA do?

VIWALA was born with the intention of creatinginclusive financial instruments. Our objective is to serve as a link betweenprivate investors and companies that drive social or environmental impact.

We offer inclusive business credits ranging from MXN100,000 to MXN 10 million. Unlikeother instruments, these business credits are available regardless of ethnicity,social group or gender identity.

However, we do a feasibility analysis to ensure weselect well-supported projects.


What makes VIWALA reliable?

Within the Mexican financial sector there aredifferent options to build a financial company. In the case of VIWALA, weare constituted as an Investment Promotion Company or SAPI.

SAPIs are regulated by commercial law, theFinancial Intelligence Unit and the Tax Administration Service. At the sametime, our legal status allows us to offer more competitive financing conditionsthan traditional banks and credit companies.

Our way of evaluating projects that request a creditis fast. Therefore, we are able to release funds in approximately 10 businessdays.

It is also worth noting that we have a number of strategicpartnerships that letyou to more easily access different types of resources.

As you can see, VIWALA can become the strategicpartner you need to take your company to the next level with completeconfidence.

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